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Highlights of recent web browsing…

  • Collaborative project to collect a geographically representative photograph for every square kilometre of the British Isles.
  • Mostly it’s an online dating site. It’s better than just that because (1) it’s free, (2) it doubles as a community site much like friendster, Hi5, Tickle, and a billion others, and (3) you answer questions that build a picture of you, and it tells you the percentage overlap with others. The maths is neat. So… you can avoid accidentally blind dating a socialist, domination fetishist, or whatever else you might want to avoid. Did you ever read TheSpark? It’s the same people… so it has a lot of fun tests too.
  • A favourite since 2000 or so… online discussion of current affairs, with community moderation of input (bestowing or removing ‘karma’ from the poster). It’s a bit American slanted, but tries not to be.
  • Lost Frog: If I looking for frog. Him name is Hopkin Green Frog. I lost my frog. Love, Terry. PS. I’ll find my frog. Who took my frog?

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